Would you like to earn some money, simply by letting others know about the Bridaltastic website and the beautifully designed range of wedding dresses we have for sale at highly affordable prices?

Whether you're a customer yourself and loved your wedding dress and experienced the high levels of service. Or even if you're a blog or website owner or even if you have a large following on social media that you believe would be interested in buying a wedding dress from Bridaltastic.

You could be earning as much as 20% commission* on all sales you refer to our website. With the average sale price of a wedding dress on Bridaltastic costing $200, that's as much as $40 per sale. There is no limit to the number of sales you could refer or commission you could be paid.

What is an Affiliate Program?

When you join an affiliate program, you agree to help promote a website, product(s) or service(s) on behalf of the owner of the affiliate program. In return, the owner of the affiliate program agrees to pay you a set fee or commission based on the leads or sales generated as a result.

You will be credited for leads and sales you generate when people use your unique affiliate link to make a purchase. Even if they do not purchase right away, the website records their visit and so long as they come back within a designated period of time and make a purchase, usually 30 days. Then you will be credited with generating that sale and receive a commission.

Who can join the Bridaltastic affiliate program?

So long as you agree to abide by our terms and conditions, anybody can sign up for our affiliate program after providing us with a few details about yourself. We payout all qualifying commissions using PayPal, so you must have a PayPal account in order for be paid.

If you're a customer of Bridaltastic, you will be invited to join after purchasing your own wedding dress. This is completely optional and you do not need to do so, but it's completely free to do so.

If you have a website or blog which would be a good fit for our website, then please apply for consideration. Likewise, if you're highly active on social media and believe your audience may be a good fit for our website, by all means apply for consideration.

The more referrals you make to the Bridaltastic website, the greater chance you have of making qualifying sales. So it's a win-win situation for both you and us.

How much does it cost to join?

Our affiliate program is 100% free to join and always will be. There are no signup fees and all that is required is to answer a few questions such as information about yourself, how you plan to promote your affiliate links and a PayPal email address in order for us to be able to pay you for all qualifying referrals.

What are the commission rates?

We offer very rewarding commission rates on a tiered basis based on the number of referring sales, of up to 20% commission* for our highest referring affiliates. Commission is uncapped, so the only limit of commission is your ability to refer customers to our website.

At this time, the commission rates for new affiliates are 10% of the full sale price, minus any optional discount codes, taxes and shipping fees. With the average cost of a wedding dress on Bridaltastic around $200, this equates to $20 commission per sale.

How long do cookies last?

If you're unsure what we mean by cookies, not to worry. You can read more here about website cookies on the Wikipedia website. In short, when somebody clicks on your link and visits our website. We place a cookie on their computer so we know who to credit with the sale.

Our cookies last for up to 30 days, so as long as the potential customer you referred to our website buys one of our wedding dresses within 30 days of their initial visit to our website. We will credit you with the sale and you will receive the commission for that sale.

Can I use discount codes to increase referrals?

Of course, right from within your affiliate portal, you'll find your own unique discount code which you can share with your website visitors, followers on social media or anywhere else.

Discount codes are a great way to increase sales as people always love to know they're getting the best possible price when buying anything online.

The only limit to the discount code usage is that you will not be paid for self referrals, so you cannot use the discount code yourself to make a purchase and be paid a commission on your own purchases.

Let us know how we can work together

Of course, there are many other ways we can work together to help you to increase your referrals and the amount of commission we're able to pay you.

So if you have any ideas of suggestions on how we can better help and serve you. Whether that be better creatives for generating referrals to Bridaltastic, or anything else you can think of. We'd love to hear from you so get in touch with us anytime by emailing us at bridaltastic.partners@gmail.com.

Get in touch and say Hello...

Whether you're just starting out on your journey into affiliate marketing and have a small social media following and/or low monthly visitors o your website or blog. Or even if you have a large social media following and high number of monthly visitors. You're more than welcome to apply for the Bridaltastic affiliate program...

The Bridaltastic Team x

*Actual commission levels between 10% and 20% based on the number of referring sales. Visit the affiliate sign up page for more information on our commission structures.