The Bridaltastic 2020 Wedding Trends Roundup

The Bridaltastic 2020 Wedding Trends Roundup

Doing something a little different is one way to make sure that your wedding day is memorable. So, couples and those involved in the wedding industry are always trying to come up with something new. Extras, that make the day that little bit more special.

It is amazing how creative couples and wedding planners are. They come up with some fantastic ideas. The best of which soon get picked up and used by other couples. That is how new wedding trends are born.

Here are some of the trends for 2020...

With the wider use of social media these days, couples are now trying harder than ever to ensure their wedding is one their guests will remember for years to come for all of the right reasons. See whether you agree with them or not and send us your suggestions after reading through them.

Chic high-end wedding invitations

Gone are the days when everyone’s wedding invitations were produced by local printers, so looked more or less the same. People are waking up to what you can do with the right graphics package and using tech to send innovative and truly personalized wedding invitations.

Chic, high-end invitations that look more like brochures are very on-trend. But, so is sending out a short video as a wedding invitation.

Personalized ceremonies

More and more couples are swapping traditional or religious ceremonies for a personalized one. Celebrant-led services are growing in popularity, especially in the UK and US.

Outdoor wedding ceremonies

Having a celebrant led ceremony, in the UK or US, enables you to get married outdoors. This is something couples increasingly want to do. They want to take advantage of the beautiful backdrops Mother Nature has to offer. It has the added benefit of making the ceremony seem less formal. More and more couples want their wedding day to have a more relaxed feel.

Regal touches

The Megan Markle effect is definitely having an impact. Brides everywhere are still choosing to finish off their wedding outfits with tiaras. Capes and capelets are also still on-trend.

Freeform floral arrangements

You can also see the Megan effect in the types of floral arrangements used. For 2019, wedding flower displays are simple, free form, yet still have a formal feel.

The natural look

Brides everywhere are going easy on the makeup. They are doing their best to achieve a natural look. Foundation to fix blemishes and produce a flawless complexion, with a little eyeliner and natural tone lipstick is it for many modern brides.

The healthier your skin is the easier it is to look great while wearing minimal makeup. As a result of this trend, micro-needling is proving very popular amongst brides.

No wedding favors

Weddings are expensive, so it is a shame to waste money on something that people don’t really enjoy. Increasingly, couples are realizing that a lot of guests leave their wedding favors on the table. So, the new trend is not to have any.

Smoke bomb exits

For the ceremony, confetti is still the most popular way for the guests to make the couple’s exit from the ceremony venue special. But, what do you do when the couple leaves the reception. If you are not careful, it is a moment of the wedding celebrations that can fall a bit flat.

The trend for 2019 is colored smoke bomb exits, which are far from boring. But, for nighttime exits, sparklers still rule.

So, there you have it, 8 of our favorite wedding trends, for 2019. We can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store...

What do you have planned for your wedding?

Hopefully, we've given you some interesting ideas for your wedding plans or maybe you have something else in mind for your big day. Either way, we'd love to know how you plan to mark your big day.

Whether you're planning something low key or really want to go all out to wow your guests. We'd love to know what you plan and how it all works out.

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