Five Slightly Unusual Ideas for Your Honeymoon

Five Slightly Unusual Ideas for Your Honeymoon

After the stress and frenetic activity of a wedding, most couples cannot wait to go on a honeymoon. It is, by far, the most important holiday they will ever take together.

But, not everyone wants to lie on a beach, sipping cocktails and enjoying the couple’s massages. Increasingly, couples are opting to do something a little unusual. Here are a few of the slightly different ways people are choosing to enjoy their honeymoons, these days.

Adventure-themed honeymoon

For active couples, who enjoy outdoor activities an adventure honeymoon can be a perfect choice. It could be anything from trekking across the desert to touring all of the zip-line venues in Cornwall. Whatever activities you enjoy doing together should be top of your adventurous to-do list.

But, it is also important to make a little time for romance. Spending a day on the beach, followed by an intimate dinner is the ideal way to give yourselves the chance to re-charge your batteries.

Theme-park honeymoon

If you have been desperate to visit Disneyland since you were a child, but have never got there, why not go for your honeymoon. A lot of couples do. So, many in fact, that you can even buy yourself a Disney fairytale honeymoon package.

Other theme parks are also getting in on the act. So, if you love nothing better than spending time enjoying rides and shows, this could be the perfect honeymoon for you.

Ski-resort honeymoon

When it comes to honeymooning there really are no rules. You do not have to go somewhere hot and sunny just because everyone else does. For fans of winter sports, a ski resort can be a magical place to spend time together.

During the day, you can enjoy the slopes. Later, you can take a romantic sleigh ride, go ice-skating or maybe enjoy dinner on the mountain. Then return to your five-star hotel at night. The next morning, wake up to mountain views and room service or breakfast on your glassed in balcony.

Eco-friendly honeymoon

A lot of couples work hard to live in an eco-friendly way. So, understandably, when they plan their honeymoon, they want to stick with those principles. Most couples who feel like that want to get close to nature. They want to stay in accommodation that has as small a carbon footprint as possible. Fortunately, this is becoming easier to do and there is no need to go without a bit of luxury either.

You can stay in luxury yurts, safari lodges, forest homes and beach hideaways that have all been built using locally sourced, natural materials. Typically, they are finished to a high standard and the power is provided using hydro, wind and solar sources.

Sleep out under the stars

Staying somewhere secluded where you can enjoy a beautiful natural environment is in itself romantic. It is a very special experience, but, add in the Northern Lights or another natural phenomenon and you have created a memory that will never fade.

The Kakslauttanen Igloo Resort offers honeymooners the chance to stay in glass igloos. This unique accommodation provides you with the best possible view of the Northern Lights and the night sky.

Where will you take your honeymoon?

Hopefully, these fun ideas will have given you some ideas about where you and your new husband/wife could choose to settle into your new life together.

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