Essential Wedding Planning Tips

Essential Wedding Planning Tips

Planning a wedding is a daunting task. But, like anything big in life, providing you are organized you can do it.

When it boils down to it, all you need to do is to put together a step by step plan. Then stick to it.

But, there are a few things you can do to make the whole process a little easier on yourselves. Below is the wedding planning tips that we think are the most important.

Start wedding planning early

When planning a wedding, it is all too easy to underestimate the amount that has to be done. You don’t want to be rushing around like crazy in the last few weeks leading up to your wedding. The earlier you start to sort things out the better.

Book your wedding locations early

The best wedding venues book up fast and a long way in advance. It is not uncommon for the most popular places to take bookings up to 18 months out.

So, if you want the ceremony or reception to be held in a specific place, check the availability before you do anything else. You should do the same when organizing your wedding night and honeymoon.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you have never planned a wedding before, you are going to need help and advice. It is wise to tap into the expertise of others.

This is where your parents, siblings and other friends and relatives can really help. Usually, one or more of them will have recently been involved in organizing a wedding. So, ask them for advice.

Try using a wedding planning template

Usually, wedding planner templates are put together and shared online by people who have recently organized one. So, download one and use it to help you to get the details of your big day right. Make sure it is the type you can edit. This will enable you to tailor it to meet your needs.

Even if you decide not to use the template, it will act a bit like a checklist. It will remind you of all the things that need to be organized.

Put together a timeline

Once you have a list of what needs to be done you can create a timeline. A good way of doing this is to write each task onto its own post-it. Along with when it needs to be done by and how far out you would need to start working on it. Then you can sort the post-its into start date order and start to put together a timeline. There is plenty of detailed advice about how to do this available online.

Bear in mind the needs of your guests

Naturally, your priority, when planning your special day, is yourselves. After all, it is your wedding.

But, you also need to think about your guests’ needs. For example, when deciding what to serve at your reception dinner making sure other people’s dietary needs are covered is just part of being a good host.

Cover yourself for hiccups

No matter, how organized you are things are going to go wrong. Usually, they will be small issues that can easily be handled if you have thought ahead, for example, equipping your ushers with umbrellas. That way, if it rains they can use them to get your guests into and out of the wedding and reception venues.

The above are just a few of the most important tips. You will need to go online and talk to friends and relatives to get the whole picture. But, these tips are a good starting point.

Do you have any other tips for planning a wedding?

Right after saying "Yes" to a wedding proposal, there's a lot of planning involved, even with the most low key weddings. So, whether you're currently planning your own wedding or helping somebody else plan theirs. Why not share your advice and tips with us and let us know your plans.

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